Pedicures - Manicures
#1 Regular Kid Pedi (Age 7-12)
#2 Reward Kid Pedicure
#3 Lady Express Pedicure
#4 Gentleman Express Pedicure
#5 Citrus Scrub Pedi
#6 Citrus Scrub Signature Pedi
#7 Hot Stone Or Paraffin Pedi
#8 Lady Express Manicure
#9 Gentleman Express Manicure
#10 Citrus Scrub Manicure
#11 Paraffin Manicure
#12 Gel Polish Change
Gel Polish
French Gel
Gel Removal
Nail Arts
Lash Extension
Individual Extension
Individual Lash Fill-In
Full Face
Full Arms
Half Arms
Full Legs
Half Legs
Head Spa
Regular Shampoo 40 Minutes
Hair wash treatment Head massage
Basic Head Spa 60 Minutes
Hair wash with special herbal products Removing dead cell on scalp Head massage to open meridians Mini facial Shoulder massage
Deluxe Head Spa & Facial 90 Minutes
Removing dead cell on the scalps Special facial Arms massage Shoulder massage Face massage Head massage Hair wash treatment with herbal products Face mask
Eyelash Extensions
New Full Eyelash Extensions
Refill One (1) Week
Refill Two (2) Weeks
Refill Three (3) Weeks
Refill Four (4) Weeks
Hybrid 3D
New Full Eyelash Extensions
Refill One (1) Week
Refill Two (2) Weeks
Refill Three (3) Weeks
Refill Four (4) Weeks
Volume 4D-6D
New Full Eyelash Extensions
Refill One (1) Week
Refill Two (2) Weeks
Refill Three (3) Weeks
Refill Four (4) Weeks
Hybrid Wispy
New Full Eyelash Extensions
Refill One (1) Week
Refill Two (2) Weeks
Refill Three (3) Weeks
Refill Four (4) Weeks
Eyelash Extensions Removal
Lashes Lift & Tint
Lashes Lift
Eyebrow Lamination, Shaping And Tint
Eyebrow Lamination
Facial Services
Clear Skin Facial (60 Minutes)
Brightening Facial (70 Minutes)
Anti Aging Facial (90 Minutes)
Lady Express Manicure
Gentleman Express Manicure
  1. File and shape the real nails, remove any polish if needed.
  2. Prepare hand nails with cuticle softener, soak them in a warm water bowl.
  3. Remove dead cuticles around nails using sanitized clippers.
  4. Finish with a hand massage and apply new nail polish.
Citrus Signature Manicure
  1. ADDITIONAL STEP: Citrus Sea salt or sugar scrub gently exfoliates and massages the skin for a more vibrant appearance, finishing up with a warm towel.
Paraffin Citrus Signature Manicure
  1. EXTRA STEP: Dip hands into two bags of melting paraffin at the right temperature, usually scented with lavender.
  2. The ingredients in candle wax work amazingly for dry hands due to cold weather or working conditions.
  3. Moisturize and leave the skin feeling soft after it absorbs into your skin.
Extra Gel Polish
Pink And White (Full Set/ Fill In )
  1. Nail tips are usually white acrylic powder being added after the pink acrylic is formed on the nail beds.
  2. This type of nail is recommended for a classic look at any events, parties, or outfits.
  3. Easy to maintain, clean, and refresh the appearance.
  4. Prepare nails with a file and buffer, forming them with a pre-mixed natural pink powder, and apply it to the real nail beds or artificial nail beds.
  5. Requires a FILL IN typically every 2 weeks.
Regular Acrylic Nails (Full Set/ Fill In )
  1. Polymer (acrylic powder) combined with monomer (liquid) using an acrylic brush to apply a thin layer to real nails or artificial nails to create a hard protective coat on nails.
  2. Requires a return for FILL IN typically every 2 weeks.
Extra Gel Polish
Dipping Powder Range
  1. Prepare nail beds with a file and buffer.
  2. Use premixed powder in many different shades of colors to form a few layers on all nails evenly.
  3. After all layers dry, the technician will use a fine drill bit to sand down uneven spots and create a finished look.
  4. Requires a return for maintenance to refresh the appearance.
Kid’S Services
Celebrate with your sons or daughters when they are doing well at school, in sports, or even at home.
A spa day is a great way to reward them for their good works.
Regular Kid Pedicure (Age 7 To 12)
Treatment starts with soaking, foot scrubbing with a pumice stone, callus removal, nail shaping, cuticle detailing, calf massage, finishing with a warm towel and polish.
Reward Kid Pedicure
Take extra steps after the REGULAR PEDICURE by using Organic Sugar Scrub and adding two simple daisy designs.
Kid Manicure From
Reward Kid Manicure
Simply using organic, kid-friendly products, gently push back cuticles, trim if necessary, and use moisturizing lotion to massage, finishing up with nail polish.
Extra Gel Polish