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Origami Nails is where traditional origami’s intricate folds meet the modern world of nail art. Each design is a testament to our dedication to detail, transforming nails into miniature canvases of creativity. We believe in the beauty of precision, ensuring that every curve and line on your nails is a flawless representation of artistic expression. Origami Nails is located at 261 Indian Lake BLVD STE 140, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Your Unique Style,Our Expert Craftsmanship

At Origami Nails, we understand that each individual has a unique style. That’s why we offer personalized nail art that resonates with your personality and preferences. Our artists specialize in tailoring designs that reflect your individuality, ensuring your nails are not just an accessory, but a personal statement.


Pedicures - Manicures
#1 Regular Kid Pedi (Age 7-12)
#2 Reward Kid Pedicure
#3 Lady Express Pedicure
#4 Gentleman Express Pedicure
#5 Citrus Scrub Pedi
#6 Citrus Scrub Signature Pedi
#7 Hot Stone Or Paraffin Pedi
#8 Lady Express Manicure
#9 Gentleman Express Manicure
#10 Citrus Scrub Manicure
#11 Paraffin Manicure
#12 Gel Polish Change


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Origami Nails is distinguished by our unique blend of traditional origami-inspired designs and modern nail art techniques. We focus on creating intricate, detailed patterns that are both elegant and expressive. Our commitment to personalized service ensures a unique experience tailored to each client’s individual style.
Absolutely! Our artists excel in translating origami patterns into stunning nail art. Simply share your favorite origami design with us, and we’ll craft a nail art masterpiece that brings your vision to life, blending traditional motifs with contemporary flair.
An Origami Nail art session varies in length depending on the complexity of the design. On average, it takes about 1 to 2 hours. We ensure that each minute is spent meticulously crafting the perfect design for your nails.
We use high-quality, long-lasting nail polishes and gels, ensuring both safety and durability. Our materials are selected for their vibrant colors and compatibility with intricate designs, ensuring your nail art remains stunning for longer.
Yes, we provide comprehensive aftercare advice to help maintain the beauty of your nail art. From tips on avoiding chips to recommendations for top-coat applications, we ensure you have all the necessary information to keep your nails looking fabulous.

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